The Yeti-Club Zermatt is an association which was established on the 23rd of November, 1990, in accordance with Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. It’s basic objective is to procure funding for the financial support of the Zermatt Mountain Guides’ Association. This support is targeted in particular to provide the following benefits:

1) to improve the economic situation of the patented Mountain Guides of Zermatt, Täsch, Randa, St.Niklaus and Grächen and their dependents in hardship related to old age, illness, accidents or accidental death of the mountain guide;

2) to support the efforts of the guides towards maintaining and improving the safety of the mountain routes in the peaks surrounding Zermatt;

3) to provide the guides with legal assistance and liability protection in cases of litigation resulting from their professional activity.

In order to provide these benefits, the Club has contracted with different insurance companies the following comprehensive policies:

a) a life and invalidity insurance coverage for accidents incurred by the guides in the exercise of their profession. This provides life or invalidity insurance up to CHF 300’000.00 in the case of accidental death , payable to the heir(s) of the guide. Sadly, since our inception, this policy has proved its importance in 7 cases so far;

b) an insurance plan similar to a pension plan, available to active Mountain Guides who have not yet attained their 40th birthday. The Yeti-Club provides the guide with a yearly subsidy of up to CHF 1’800.00 into the plan, provided the guide contributes an equal amount, and that here mains active as a mountain guide. Upon his retirement at age 65, the guide can claim the full principal amount in one lump sum, free of tax. Currently, approximately 50 guides participate in this program, which was established in 1996 once our club had increased it’s membership permitting such a gesture.

c) a legal liability insurance providing each guide with substantial coverage in case of lawsuits related to clients.


The sovereign power of the Club is the General Assembly of it’s members, which is held everyyear in December. The General Assembly elects a Committee of 3 to 7 persons, which is the executive body responsible for organizing and running the Club and also admitting new members. In principal the acting President of the Zermatt Mountain Guides Association is automatically admitted as a member of the Committee.

The Committee is elected for a period of four years. It’s members elect amongst themselves the President, and this decision is submitted to the General Assembly for approval.The accounts are closed every year on October 31st, audited and likewise submitted for approval to the General Assembly.

The Committee also upkeeps the books of the Club, and handles all financial matters.


Our club members are usually persons who come often to Zermatt and are ( or were) active in mountaineering and other sports and activities having to do with Zermatt and it’s mountains.

Candidates must be introduced by at least two members of the Club, or by a mountain guide plus one club member. The Committee decides the admission, and it can also refuse admission without justification.

The annual dues for new members over 40 years of age is CHF 1000.00. Junior members between ages 18 and 40 pay CHF 500.00. Member spouses may join paying half of the dues of the full member.

In addition, all new members over the age of 50 pay an initial entry fee of CHF 2000.00.


The Club organizes every year a summer and a winter get together, on a weekend usually in the second half of August and the second half of February. There will usually be mountain excursions (summer) or skiing or heliskiing (winter), followed by a lunch or a dinner at a mountain restaurant in the surroundings of Zermatt. Each weekend starts with a Friday evening cocktail open to all members and mountain guides.

In addition, following the annual General Assembly, the Club hosts a special year end evening aperitif, where members can congregate and meet each other in a Christmas and New Yearspirit.


The Yeti-Club has grown in the past 28 years to become an important nonprofit social Organization in the Zermatt area. We started thanks to the endeavors and commitment of our founding members Urs Eschle, Daniel Lauber, Bernhard Graven, Gabriel Taugwalder and a few others, as a very small organization, with income sufficient to cover only a small life insurance

policy for our guides. Today we have over 150 members, including spouses. These memberships generate an important yearly income to the Club, which is successfully applied towards the well being and protection of our mountain guides via many benefits. The Club now has over CHF 700’000.00 in reserves, which allows it to comfortably honor its obligations towards the

participating guides until their retirement. It is a worthy cause and we are proud of our success. It is our aim to continue to attract and welcome friends of Zermatt as new members, who are willing to help promote our beautiful village and its surroundings, while at the same time providing necessary support and security to our mountain guides for the coming years.



Nicoletta Visentin, Zermatt


Christine Gentinetta, Zermatt


Denis Gruber, Zermatt


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Michael Erb, Allaman

Hugo Biner, Zermatt

Daniel Godat, Zermatt



ELECTIONS: 2019 / 2023 / 2027 / 2031 etc.

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Mark Ineichen, Zermatt


Erwin Julen, Zermatt


Daniel-Ferdinand Lauber, Zermatt


Anjan Truffer, Zermatt

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Insurance against accidents.

All licensed Guides, members of the Zermatt Guides' Association, are insured by us against death or invalidity resulting from accidents, be it during the exercise of their profession as a Guide or otherwise. Benefits range from CHF 300'000.00, in case of death, to up to 1'350.000.00 for invalidity for Guides under age 65, less for older Guides.


Pension fund.

If a licensed and active Guide under age 40, member of the Zermatt Guides' Association, contracts a capital accumulation life insurance for a minimum premium of CHF 1'800.00 per year, the Yeti-Club matches this premium thus entitling the Guide to receive a total minimum capital upon retirement at age 65 (or in the case of premature death), of at least CHF  40'000.00 (from the guide's contribution) plus CHF 40'000.00 ( from the Yeti Club contribution). This benefit can be larger depending upon the amount of premiums paid and the accrued interest during the life of the plan.


Legal assistance.

All licensed and active Guides, members of the Zermatt Guides' Association, benefit from worldwide legal assistance against claims arising from the exercise of their profession as a Mountain Guide.



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